Network Automation- 100 Days Free Course

Dear Students and Aspiring Network Engineers,

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a free Network Automation course, designed specifically for students from across the globe. Understanding the complexities that often surround the subject, our mission is to simplify network automation for those who are at the beginner level.

What Makes This Course Special?

  • Simplicity: We have meticulously crafted the course to ensure that complex concepts are broken down into easily understandable segments.

  • Ready-to-Use Scripts: At the conclusion of this course, you will receive a collection of ready-to-use scripts that cater to nearly all situations you may encounter in network automation.

  • Interactive Videos: In the coming days, we will be releasing instructional videos to further demonstrate various tasks.

  • Hands-on Practice with a Free Test Lab: We are in the process of setting up a free test lab for each student. This will allow you to hone your skills in a practical environment, although please note that this feature will take an additional month to implement.

So let us start our journey but before this donot forget to read these

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Netmiko Vs Paramiko

We will start this course with Python and in python there are many libraries as explained in above blogs. We are starting it with Netmiko. Netmiko is a popular library in Python that simplifies SSH management to network devices, and it's heavily used in network automation tasks. It provides a set of functions to establish connections, manage sessions, send commands, and more. Below are some key functions and examples. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, as Netmiko continues to evolve, and new functionalities may be added.

Day 1-5: Introduction to Netmiko and Cisco Devices

  • Day 1: Introduction to Network Automation and Netmiko

  • Day 2: Installing Netmiko and Basic Configuration

  • Day 3: Introduction to Cisco Devices and Operating Systems

  • Day 4: Connecting to Cisco Devices with Netmiko

  • Day 5: Basic Command Execution on Cisco Devices

Day 6-10: Automating Simple Tasks with Netmiko on Cisco Devices

  • Day 6: Retrieving Device Information

  • Day 7: Running Configuration Commands

  • Day 8: Managing File Transfers

  • Day 9: Error Handling and Logging

  • Day 10: Scripting Simple Automation Tasks

Day 11-15: Intermediate Automation with Cisco Devices

  • Day 11: Multi-device Configuration and Management

  • Day 12: Templating Configuration with Jinja2

  • Day 13: Using YAML/JSON for Data Structuring

  • Day 14: Creating Reusable Functions and Scripts

  • Day 15: Introduction to Task Scheduling with Cisco Devices

Day 16-20: Advanced Automation Scenarios with Cisco Devices

  • Day 16: Scheduled Tasks and Cron Jobs

  • Day 17: Automating Network Monitoring for Cisco Devices

  • Day 18: Integrating Netmiko with Other Tools (e.g., Ansible)

  • Day 19: Version Control of Scripts with Git

  • Day 20: Security Considerations in Automation

Day 21-25: Real-world Automation Scenarios on Cisco Devices

  • Day 21-23: Design and Implement a Small-Scale Automation Project

  • Day 24-25: Troubleshooting and Debugging Automation Scripts

Day 26-30: Project, Review, and Conclusion

  • Day 26-28: Final Project Implementation (Large-Scale Scenario)

  • Day 29: Course Review and Key Takeaways

  • Day 30: Conclusion, Future Learning Paths, and Certification